Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Abdul Kalam Excerpt

It specially says that "what worked yesterday, won't work today".
1. Yesterday – natural resources defined power
Today - knowledge is power
Educational Institutions will be a powerhouse for knowledge
2. Yesterday - Hierarchy was the model
Today- synergy is the mandate
Educational Institutions will be enabler of intersection of multiple faculties towards mission goals
3. Yesterday – leaders commanded and controlled
Today – leaders empower and coach
Potential Leaders will be empowered through exposure to the needs of sustainable development
4. Yesterday - shareholders came first
Today – customers come first
Education should inculcate sensitivity to "customer" needs
5. Yesterday - employees took order
Today – teams make decision
Educational Institutions can inject team spirit
6. Yesterday - seniority signified status
Today – creativity drive status
Educational Institutions is the breeding environment for creativity
7. Yesterday – production determined availability
Today – Competitiveness is the key
Competitiveness is powered by research and university has to have the motto of "teaching-research-teaching"
8. Yesterday - value was extra
Today – value is everything
Objective Value judgment to be introduced in education
9. Yesterday – everyone was a competitor
Today – everyone is a customer
Educated customer is also from Educational Institutions
10. Yesterday - profits were earned through expediency
Today – Work with integrity and succeed with integrity.
Education with value system is the need of the hour.

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